Welcome to DPI Services

Since the establishment in 2005, from a humble beginning Digital Printing service provider, DPI Services have steadily progressed to be reputable Digital Printing and Portable Display System service provider as well as a prominent key player in providing POD (Print-On-Demand) High Resolution Printing solution to the Advertising Agencies, Designers, Exhibition Builders, Events, Academia, and Signage’s Industry in Sarawak.

We always believe that keeping ourselves up to date with the latest technologies available in the industry in order to ensure that our solutions will always be the cream of the crop. Furthermore, with our very own in-house production team, we are able to monitor the production process closely with strict quality control; hence our customers will always have their quality assurance and meet their highest level of satisfaction.

欢迎来到 DPI Services

自2005年以来,我们已经为许多私人企业,广告设计/牌业及学术界的友好们提供各种展示器材及高清印图服务。采用POD (按需印刷模式) - 根据客户需求而制定的印刷模式,提供方便快捷及個性化处理个案。


DPI Services providing you with full range of digital printing, advertising and display solution such as:

  • High Resolution Large Format Printing on various kind of material
  • UV Printing – on up to 8 ft width and 2 inch thickness material
  • Computerized Vinyl Sticker Cutting Services
  • Poster to Foam board and PVC Form Sheet mounting
  • Portable Display System & Point-of-sales solution
  • Academy Assignment Presentation Printing

DPI Services aim to be the most recommended High Resolution digital printing service provider in this industry. Thus, our mission is to ensure that our customers experience quality services and high level of customer satisfaction by providing our ideas & knowledge to assist our customers to achieve their marketing goals.

DPI Services 为你提供以下服务:

  • 高清大型图印在各类材料上
  • UV喷绘 - 阔达8尺,厚至2寸的材料上
  • 数码彩色胶贴割切
  • 各种流动性展示器材
  • 海报与传单印刷
  • 商业与学术性质个案/课业平面彩图

在DPI SERVICES,我们的目标是成为业界备受推崇的高清图印供应者,因此, 我们肩负着客户们对市场上的高度要求以及提供专业知识的使命,帮助业界的友好客户们完成任务,并与业界的友好客户们共同迈进。